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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to PIN FOR GROWTH!

    • welcome by tript & prabh

  • 2



    • PIN FOR GROWTH Resource List

  • 3

    Module 1: Pinterest Basics

    • Module 1: Intro

    • Lesson 1: Anatomy of Pinterest

    • Lesson 2: A Tour of Pinterest

    • Lesson 3: Setting up a Business Account

    • Lesson 4: Optimization of Your Pinterest Profile

    • Lesson 5: Claiming Your Site

  • 4

    Module 2: Visual Content Strategy

    • Introduction to Pinterest Visual Strategy

    • Lesson 1: Pinterest Visual Strategy

    • Lesson 2: Target Audience

    • Lesson 3: Branding your Pins

    • Lesson 4: How to Create a Followable Account

    • Lesson 5: How to Create Boards Strategically

  • 5

    Module 3: Your Pins

    • Module 3: Intro

    • Lesson 1: Good Pins Vs. Poor Pins

    • Lesson 2: Anatomy of Pin-Worthy Graphics

    • Lesson 3: How to Optimize your Images for Pinterest + Rich Pins

  • 6

    Module 4: Pinning

    • Module 4: Intro

    • Lesson 1: Know, Like, Trust

    • Lesson 2: Automating Pinterest Through Scheduling

    • Lesson 3: Your Pinning & Re-Pinning Strategy

    • Lesson 4: Group Board Strategizing

    • Lesson 5: How much do followers matter and how to be found on Pinterest

    • Lesson 6: Understanding & Manipulating the Pinterest Smartfeed

  • 7

    Module 5: Keywords & the Smartfeed

    • Module 5: Intro

    • Lesson 1: Keywords - How do Pinners Search

    • Lesson 2: Keywords - Generate your Keywords

    • Lesson 3: Keywords - Where to Use Keywords

    • Lesson 4: Hashtags on Pinterest

    • Lesson 5: How to Get Your Pins to Surface on Pinterest

  • 8

    Module 6: Analytics, Optimization & Funnels

    • Module 6: Intro

    • Lesson 1: Analytics

    • Lesson 2: Optimization of Your Website for Pinterest Marketing

    • Lesson 3: More Strategies to Grow Your Pinterest

    • Lesson 4: Pinterest Powered Funnels

    • Lesson 5: Pinterest Powered Funnels Part 2

past students are raving about the results they saw with PIN FOR GROWTH

Lauren Frontiera

The Real Female Entreprenr

"Pinterest used to feel incredibly overwhelming to me, and I had zero clue how to use it for anything other than repinning recipes. I wanted to learn how to strategically use pinterest for my business. I just didn't know where to start. Pin for Growth changed EVERYTHING! I feel like a total pinterest guru now (disclaimer: #notapinterestguru). And in less than two weeks, I've already started to see results! Tript + Prabh not only have an incredible knowledge of Pinterest but they've also seen amazing results personally in their own business, which made me trust them even more! So, from one business owner to another, this is a course that's worth the investment, sister!!"



Tript Johal

Hi! I'm Tript, a Pinterest Expert, and I help creative entrepreneurs take the next step in their online business to become profitable and reach a wider audience while not compromising their creativity on the way. I am dedicated to help you, fellow creative, take that next step online, to reach your potential audience and to turn that audience into customers. I have tremendous amount of experience in Social Media, Communications and Marketing. I have had 3 blogs, 1 Etsy Shop and have worked with many small business owners. And most importantly, I am a CREATIVE at heart! I have a passion for teaching - so let me teach you how to leverage your online presence to grow your business online via social media, blogging, and small business strategies! I also am one of the 2019 On the Rise Winner!

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The Real Female Entrepreneur

Pinterest is a powerfully transformative FREE tool that can exponentially increase your business or blog’s reach. Traffic is the obvious benefit but there is so much more that goes along with that. We’ve included advanced strategies that will help you: