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    get more eyes on your opt-in and grow your email list with PINTEREST

    • Get more eyes on your Opt-ins and grow your Email List with PINTEREST Training

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Use the power of Pinterest to drive traffic to your Opt-ins and grow your Email List

watch this training and you will be on the road to more eyes on your freebies and grow your email list all passively

you have an OPT-IN / FREEBIE and a LANDING PAGE now let's get passive traffic to it and have an endless stream of people signing up to your email list for the freebie!

Icons & text

  • 2 key components that are needed to do this

    I will show you 2 components that are vital for this to lead to passive traffic and email growth

  • how an OPT-IN Pin Graphic should look like

    When you are creating a Pin graphic to upload to Pinterest for your Opt-in there are certain things you need to do and include for that pin to have a higher conversion rate

  • how to get pinners to click on your Pin

    you have your opt-in, your landing page, and a pin graphic but how do you make sure that pinners are click on your pin and therefore increasing the traffic to your opt-in? I have you covered! I show you how to get more click-throughs from Pinterest

  • 7+ things you need to do with your Pinterest to be successful at this

    Optimize your Pinterest by doing these 7 things. This will ensure your pins are showing up for pinners and the pinterest algorithm is on your side!

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