You have an amazing business that you work so hard day-in-and-day-out to grow...but still, you can’t seem to drive traffic steadily to your website or shop.   

You’ve tried it all: joining facebook groups, using Instagram, learning SEO, scheduling social media, doing guest posts, learning from free content...but still nothing. 

We have been there. We have blogged and ran businesses for almost 8 years with the same minimal return in engagement and traffic. We were exhausted from putting in so much effort writing amazing content, creating good quality products and doing everything we can to promote our business and blog on all of our social media platforms only to gain a handful of new followers and subscribers.

If this feels like you, we want you to take a large sigh of relief. And we mean, in through the nose...fill up those lungs...and out through the mouth e-x-h-a-l-e slowly...because we have something powerfully transformative for your business.

What Past Students of Pin for Growth have to say!

Two years ago everything changed for us. We sat down, committed and invested our time and energy on learning the magic of Pinterest.

Since implementing an effective and manageable Pinterest strategy, our traffic increased unimaginably:

As a platform, Pinterest can be overwhelming and we get that. But it’s powerful platform you should be using for your business.

Pinterest users are ready to buy and looking for inspiration--they’re your target audience and they’re looking for people just like you. But that overwhelming feeling you get from Pinterest is keeping you from reaching them.

Pinterest is an endless effective marketing tool for your business, you just wish it was simpler to understand, navigate and implement. Maybe you’ve already spent money on Facebook Ads and saw little to decent return--but what if we told you that Pinterest is that and so much more but completely free to implement?

what past students have to say

Pin for Growth walked me through every stage of setting up my Pinterest account as a business and developing a personalized strategy for attracting targeted visitors from my niche to my boards. I learned about everything from making my pins rich, to using Canva to quickly design on-brand graphics, to scheduling my pins months in advance. I'm now in LOVE with Pinterest and use it daily. I'm cultivating a lifestyle that represents my brand and my Pinterest boards are joyful a joyful reflection of this lifestyle. I now have almost a thousand pins and my list of followers is growing at a rate of over 400 percent per month. I've only dipped my toes in the vast ocean of information I gleaned through this course; I know that as I continue to dive deeper into my newly-learned Pinterest strategies, I will continue to reap the rewards and see my results skyrocket. This course is meticulously thought out and overflows with helpful details. I highly recommend it.
Sophie Elise My Cup Runs Over - Lifestyle Blogger
after the first lesson, my mind was blown. All these years that I’ve had Pinterest and I’ve been ‘pinning’, but I didn't really know what I was doing neither did I understand Pinterest to its full potential. I began to make the changes necessary on my Pinterest as I went through the lesson. I started with 5.7K views on my Pinterest account and a day later, by simply making the first few adjustments- my account stated 7.7k views.
Elsie Calo Handmade Shop Owner & Blogger


Welcome to PIN FOR GROWTH!


  • welcome by tript & prabh


  • PIN FOR GROWTH Resource List

Module 1: Pinterest Basics


  • Module 1: Intro
  • Lesson 1: Anatomy of Pinterest
  • Lesson 2: A Tour of Pinterest
  • Lesson 3: Setting up a Business Account
  • Lesson 4: Optimization of Your Pinterest Profile
  • Lesson 5: Claiming Your Site

Module 2: Visual Content Strategy


  • Introduction to Pinterest Visual Strategy
  • Lesson 1: Pinterest Visual Strategy
  • Lesson 2: Target Audience
  • Lesson 3: Branding your Pins
  • Lesson 4: How to Create a Followable Account
  • Lesson 5: How to Create Boards Strategically

Module 3: Your Pins


  • Module 3: Intro
  • Lesson 1: Good Pins Vs. Poor Pins
  • Lesson 2: Anatomy of Pin-Worthy Graphics
  • Lesson 3: How to Optimize your Images for Pinterest + Rich Pins

Module 4: Pinning


  • Module 4: Intro
  • Lesson 1: Know, Like, Trust
  • Lesson 2: Automating Pinterest Through Scheduling
  • Lesson 3: Your Pinning & Re-Pinning Strategy
  • Lesson 4: Group Board Strategizing
  • Lesson 5: How much do followers matter and how to be found on Pinterest
  • Lesson 6: Understanding & Manipulating the Pinterest Smartfeed

Module 5: Keywords & the Smartfeed


  • Module 5: Intro
  • Lesson 1: Keywords - How do Pinners Search
  • Lesson 2: Keywords - Generate your Keywords
  • Lesson 3: Keywords - Where to Use Keywords
  • Lesson 4: Hashtags on Pinterest
  • Lesson 5: How to Get Your Pins to Surface on Pinterest

Module 6: Analytics, Optimization & Funnels


  • Module 6: Intro
  • Lesson 1: Analytics
  • Lesson 2: Optimization of Your Website for Pinterest Marketing
  • Lesson 3: More Strategies to Grow Your Pinterest
  • Lesson 4: Pinterest Powered Funnels
  • Lesson 5: Pinterest Powered Funnels Part 2


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About Your Instructor

Tript & Prabh Johal

Tript & Prabh Johal

Instructor Title

Hi! We are Tript & Prabh and YES we are sisters! We help creative entrepreneurs take the next step in their online business to become profitable and reach a wider audience while not compromising their creativity on the way.

We are dedicated to help you, fellow creative, take that next step online, to reach your potential audience and to turn that audience into customers.

Combined we have tremendous amount of experience in Social Media, Communications and Marketing. We have had 3 blogs, 1 Etsy Shop and have worked with many small business owners. And most importantly, we both are CREATIVES at heart!

We have a passion for teaching - so let us teach you how to leverage your online presence to grow your business online via social media, blogging, and small business strategies


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